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Greetings CCYP Members!                                                                                                                                                          Fall 2013

Over the years CCYP has evolved and adapted with changes in economy and population. The latest change the former board made was the passing of a vote to raise the maximum age to 45.  We expect this age padding will add quality and value to your membership.
Now, there is a brand new board that is on a mission to bring CCYP to next level of success in this community.  As individuals, each of us is reaching out to our best sources to grow our organization, improve events, and maintain a high level of quality networking.
If you are reading this and are not yet involved with CCYP, I want to assure you that this is a welcoming and friendly group. Meetings and events are important opportunities for new transplants and established locals to get connected.  There are various types of events to accommodate your preference and schedule.  
I personally want to thank every single active member.  Attending events is a direct contribution to our identity as a viable group in Charlotte County. 
My main goal is that people meet people and benefit professionally and socially from these relationships that are built over time.  You are welcomed to get out of CCYP whatever it is that benefits you.  Please join us at your convenience, and bring a friend. 
Erica Radziewicz
President, Charlotte County Young Professionals

The CCYP Mission:

As the voice of young professionals in Charlotte County, we exist to enhance the community and its members through:


Our Vision:

We envision the energy, enthusiasm and talent of Charlotte County's Young Professionals as the most encouraging asset of our county's future.  To harness and expand this asset, we:

CCYP Events:

· Monthly Evening Meetings – On the second Thursday of each month we meet at a local venue for appetizers and networking starting at 5:30 p.m., meeting at 6:30 p.m. The meeting may include an informative speaker, club business and/or an activity. Current members and potential members are welcome, and no RSVP is needed!

· Monthly Networking Lunches – These lunch meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at various locations, and usually offer a presentation from a guest speaker.

· Special Events - Special opportunities for members (& guest) only: theme parties, wine tastings, boat tours, holiday events, canoeing, paint balling, bowling, camping, etc. Much more fun to come!


CCYP History – written by Kaley Miller

I moved to Punta Gorda shortly after my husband Roger and I married in February 2003. Shortly after moving to the area I asked the local folks if there was a young professionals (YP) group here, but to no avail. We got involved in the local community and met other young professionals through work, community events and social meetings. Although we quickly found friends and things to do, we knew it wasn’t so easy for everyone, especially if you were new to the area or not already hitched.

Discussions about starting a YP group with good friend Jill McCrory, and others, was greeted with immediate interest and acceptance. It was not a new idea, after all. The surrounding counties of Sarasota and Fort Myers already had YP groups, so why not Charlotte? I met Mark Figueredo in 2004 and learned that not only did he like the idea, he had already bought the website domain ( unbeknownst to me in anticipation of group’s creation. It just took the cooperative momentum of Jill, Mark and I to plan the first meeting and invite other young professionals we thought might like to get involved.

We refer to our first meeting, on April 28, 2005 at River City Grill, as our “brainstorming meeting.” About two dozen young professionals showed up and we recorded ideas for structure and activities on a big flip chart. We followed that meeting with another organizational meeting at Jill’s home with a smaller group, hashing out the details of the charter and bylaws. On May 23, we signed our articles of incorporation, and on July 14 elected our first Board of Directors at the Captain’s Table restaurant in Punta Gorda. The rest, we say, is history!

I am very glad to have participated in the birth of this great organization and to serve as Membership Director for the first two year’s of CCYP existence. Thank you to Jill, and all our past and present Board members (listed below), for their generous donation of personal time, resources, creativity and talent in making this organization what it is today.



Present Board of Directors 2013-2014

President: Erica Radziewicz - Interior Decorator, Bacon's Furniture

Vice President: Jamie Johnson - Managing Member, Energy Sense Finance

Treasurer: Fletcher Rush - Associate, Farr Law Firm

Secretary: Milina Heisler -

Member at Large: Jaime Ogden - Owner, Ogden's Office Bar and Lounge

Member at Large: Amy Sawyer- Area Director, N2 Publishing

Member at Large




Past Board Members



President: Liz Green

Vice President: Kristin Marchant

Treasurer: Tiffany Morse

Secretary: Eve Sweeting

Member at Large: Jessica Boles

Member at Large: Ashley Gouin

Member at Large: Erica Radziewicz



President: Liz Green

Vice President: Francine Lisby

Secretary: Eve Sweeting

Treasurer:Tiffany Morse

Membership Director: Aaron Olson

Public Relations Director:Jessica Boles

Special Events Director: Stacy Calvino

Volunteer Director: Ashley Gouin

Sponsorship Director:Kristin Marchant

Lunch Meeting Coordinator: James Coalwell

Evening Meeting Coordinator: Jon DiRico

EYP President/Representative: Michael Vasher 




President - Michael Neufeld
Vice President - Matthew Chase
Secretary -Liz Green
Membership Director - Erin McCormick
Treasurer - Francine Boccio
Volunteer Director - Eve Sweeting
PR Director - Jessica Boles
Special Events Director - Stacy Calvino
Lunch Meeting Director - James M. Coalwell
Evening Meeting Director - Aaron Olson
Sponsorship Director - Kristin Marchant
ECYP President - Mike Vasher 



President - Michael Neufeld
Vice President - Matthew Chase
Secretary -Liz Green
Membership Director - Ashley Houseman
Treasurer - Francine Boccio
Volunteer Director - Eve Sweeting
PR Director - Troy M. Bettencourt
Special Events Director - Monica Luna
Lunch Meeting Director - James M. Coalwell
Evening Meeting Director - Aaron Olson
Sponsorship Director - Danelle Sinacori
ECYP President - Mike Vasher


President - Stacy Calvino
Vice President - Michael Neufeld
Secretary & Membership Director - Monica Luna
Treasurer - Jenifer Bettencourt
Volunteer Director - Elizabeth Hall
PR Director - Troy M. Bettencourt
Special Events Director - Brooke Cooley
Lunch Meeting Director - James M. Coalwell
Evening Meeting Director - Ryan Rupert
Sponsorship Director - Danelle Sinacori
ECYP President - Mike Vasher


President- Stacy Calvino
Vice President- Michael Neufeld
Treasurer- Jenifer Bettencourt
Secretary - Matthew DeFilippis
Membership Director - Melissa O’Neil 
Public Relations - Jeff Garczewski
Special Events Director - Mitzi D. Maggio Rigden
Volunteer Director - Elizabeth Hall
Sponsorship Director - Monica Luna
Lunch Mtg. Coordinator - Tracy Lehn
Evening Mtg. Coordinator - Ryan Rupert


President - Mark Anthony Figueredo
Vice President - Julia Presseller
Secretary - Michael Neufeld
Treasurer - Gina Figueredo
Membership Director - Kaley Miller
Social Director - Stacy Calvino
Philanthropy Director - Carolyn Cook
Ambassador - Jeff Garczewski
Ambassador - Melissa O’Neil


President - Mark Anthony Figueredo
Vice President – Ariel Popper
Secretary – Kasey Duffy
Treasurer - Gina Figueredo
Membership Director - Kaley Miller
Social Director - Stacy Calvino
Philanthropy Director – Nicole Devaney
Ambassador - Kevin Graham
Ambassador - Julia Presseller